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Rejected Zombacon Slogans

  • Fresh picked every morning
  • Zombies WERE harmed in the making of this product
  • We hunt zombies so you don't have to
  • Breakfast of Zombchampions
  • You won't believe what we had to do to get this
  • I eat Zombies for breakfast
  • You'll be glad to know the recipe for Zombacon when the apocalypse starts
  • Made from real zombies

Top 10 Hollywood movies that would be better with Zombies

    10. Bladerunner
    9. The Bodyguard
    8. Terminator
    7. Anchorman
    6. Taxi Driver
    5. Alive
    4. Rain Man
    3. What's eating Gilbert Grape?
    2. Pearl Harbour
    1. Free Willy

What are your suggestions?

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