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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Zombacon really come from Zombies?
A: Yup. We caught some fresh ones this morning.

Q: What grade of meat do you use?
A: I could tell you we use nothing but the finest Alberta 100% brain-fed AAA Zombeef, but usually we just fish out the ones that fell in the pond overnight.

Q: How did you discover Zombacon?
A: Zombies + Bacon = Zombacon. It's not difficult people.

Q: If I eat Zombacon will I become infected?
A: Absolutely not. On an unrelated note, if a man with a mask and a large gaff hook shows up in Zombacon van, please let him in. He is a Customer Satisfaction Associate, and is most certainly NOT there to harvest you as soon as you turn.

Q: There are red fleshy chunks in with my Zombacon. Are they supposed to be there?
A: Not really. We hire children to keep costs down and sometimes they fall into the grinder. Eat around them if you are opposed to child labour.

Q: Does Zombacon come in flavours?
A: We are attempting to find a steady supply of Northern Zombies which provide a distinct maple flair to Zombacon. If you are interested, please contact us.

Q: What if I'm a vegetarian?
A: You can simply mark your order VEGETARIAN when you place it. We don't offer a vegetarian option, but it'll give the guys in shipping a good laugh. In all seriousness, we do recognize that vegetarianism is a debilitating disease and are doing all we can to help eradicate it from the civilized world. Proceeds from each order will be used to help find a much needed cure. In the mean time, any VEGETARIAN orders will be filled with Zombacon from veggie loving zombies. This is our commitment to you, and it's a big one. Do you know how hard it is to find a vegetarian zombie, when their favourite food is brains?

Q: Why is Zombacon so expensive?
A: As you can imagine, our employee insurance costs are through the roof. That, plus we literally eat through a great deal of our profits.

Q: Is Zombacon eco friendly?
A: No, but it is green.

Q: Isn't Zombacon just ██████ and ████ doused in █████████, rolled in ██-█████████ and hung in a dark ███████ for ██ weeks?
A: No. And please send us the full name and street address of the individual who told you this foolishness.